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9:15am – 11:00am

General Session

Location: Grand Saguaro Ballroom
RLC Charity Grand Prize Drawing

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer | Honorary Co-chair
McLane Foodservice, Inc.

Vice President, Industry Relations | Honorary Co-chair

Vice President, Industry Relations and Business Development | Honorary Co-chair
PepsiCo Foodservice

Presented By:
McLane Foodservice, Inc
PepsiCo Foodservice
The Secrets of Restaurant Reinvention: How Timeless Operations Stay Spry

On the occasion of the National Restaurant Association’s 100th anniversary, restaurant operations that have thrived through long stretches of the century share the secrets to their perpetual youth and constant reinvention. How do they anticipate change in their markets and adjust accordingly without veering from their heritage? How do they attract new diners and embrace emerging trends while still continuing to serve the loyal customers who have filled their dining rooms for decades? Terry Erdle, Chief Operating Officer of the National Restaurant Association, will lead a power panel of veteran operators as they reveal their secrets for keeping restaurants relevant and agile.


TGI Fridays

President and CEO
White Castle

President & CEO
A&W Restaurants, Inc.

Boston Market

Chief Operating Officer
National Restaurant Association

The Intersection of Restaurant Trends, Technology and Government Policy

“The panel will discuss government policy and its impact on restaurant trends and technology within the restaurant industry.”


President & CEO
International Franchise Association

2019 IFA Chair, Managing Director & Partner, Franworth, and Chairman, PMTD Restaurants