Restaurant Leadership Conference News

Millennials aren’t the only trend drivers.

Rare is the restaurant executive who’s not also an avid concept scout, constantly searching (and talking about) chain upstarts with exceptional growth potential. Here are some of the ventures that were the talk of attendees at last week’s Restaurant Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., one of the nation’s leading concept incubators.

In a special edition, we go spelunking into the issues that preoccupied the restaurant business’s premier gathering of free thinkers, the industry Woodstock known as the Restaurant Leadership Conference.

Finding the technology that works for your operation and getting buy-in from the CEO down to franchisees is no easy feat. Here’s what’s helped other operators successfully implement tech in their restaurants.

Recruitment and retention are two top challenges for restaurateurs. Building a strong workplace culture can help meet those challenges.

The experts who took the stage during the first two days of the Restaurant Leadership Conference shared more than a few surprising assessments of the restaurant industry and its near-term prospects.

The adoption of that pay floor in California and New York is just the start for the industry, speakers at the Restaurant Leadership Conference agreed. They see implications that may not fit the conventional thinking.