Restaurant Leadership Conference News

Congress has changed hands more frequently the past two decades, emphasizing the need for the industry to be bipartisan.

Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, an entrepreneur with interests in several chains, shared some wisdom (and several surprises) with the crowd at Restaurant Leadership Conference Wednesday.

The fast-growing fast casual was honored for accelerating systemwide sales and franchise expansion.

Kent Taylor’s hand-picked successor says he won’t tinker too much with the late founder’s brainchild, but at least one modern innovation could be in the works.

At Restaurant Leadership Conference, Technomic notes some sectors are fully recovered. Others could take some time.

The Restaurant Leadership Development program, which will take place next April at the Restaurant Leadership Conference, aims to build a new class of industry leaders.

Amid a wave of consolidation, the world's largest pizza chain believes it can keep growing on its own.