Restaurant Leadership Conference News

The once-struggling sandwich chain is now in growth mode, Chidsey said in a wide-ranging interview at the Restaurant Leadership Conference. He expects a deal to be done by May or June.

Restaurant marketers bring to leadership a guest-first mindset, a certain fearlessness and an understanding that brand essence can include butt-burning sauce.

The Mexican fast-food chain was doing pretty well when King took over as CEO in 2019, even though he had no experience in restaurants or franchising. Then, the 2023 Restaurant Business Restaurant Leader of the Year pushed the company to do even better.

The Mexican fast-food chain thrived under his leadership in 2022, thanks to some big marketing wins and the concept of “restless creativity.”

Unlike sister concept Applebee's, the pancake chain looked outside the organization for help developing Thrilled Cheese and Super Mega Dilla.

Celebrity chef David Chang and other industry leaders share their take on the culinary currents moving restaurant menus forward.

Market volatility has had a chilling effect on offerings this year. But things are starting to settle down, and at least seven chains are waiting to pounce, said Damon Chandik of Piper Sandler.