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Tucker Bryant

Poetic Leadership Speaker/Google Product Marketer
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Tucker Bryant is a Product Marketing Manager at Google who moonlights as an award-winning poet and storyteller. After honing his creative craft at Stanford and sharing his work across the United States, he dove headfirst into a career in Silicon Valley and gradually discovered how closely linked the process of poetic discovery is to the challenges faced by leaders in a rapidly changing world that demands creative solutions. 

Tucker now challenges organizations to tap into poetic thought as a means of bringing about transformations in our work and lives. His stories, which have garnered millions of views online, have been featured at TEDx and dozens of other organizations across the globe. He has had the privilege of sharing on stages graced by Mark Cuban, Larry Hogan, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, and NASA Director Michelle Thaller as well as founders and executives from companies like Twitter, Amazon, McDonald’s, and Walgreens.