Stefan Hertzberg

VP of Parternships


Stefan Hertzberg is the current Vice President of Global Partnerships at ItsaCheckmate. As a company, they are responsible for providing first-party ordering solutions and third-party integration to more than 25,000 locations across 17 countries. With an extensive background in the restaurant industry, Stefan brings a unique perspective to his role. He grew up in the restaurant business and currently owns several restaurants himself, which has given him an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by restaurant owners and operators.

Prior to his role at ItsaCheckmate, Stefan enjoyed a successful career in finance while living in New York. Since moving to Los Angeles, Stefan has held various instrumental positions at ItsaCheckmate over the past five years that have contributed to the company's partner and customer growth, as well as its profitability. In his free time, Stefan is an avid surfer, golfer, and snowboarder.