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Rakesh Patel

Executive Director
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NCR Hospitality Group

Rakesh Patel serves as executive director of NCR Hospitality and is a leader in the product management group.

Specializing in consumer engagement technology, Rakesh builds exceptional guest experiences and disruptive innovation. In his current role, he is responsible for developing engaging consumer experiences outside of the traditional four walls of the restaurant. NCR is the technology provider of choice for restaurants around the world and Rakesh is focused on delivering the next-generation software, hardware and services that deliver on what customers want, when they want it.

Prior to joining NCR, Rakesh spent several years in consulting and logistics as general manager of a third-party logistics company responsible for operations and delivery. Rakesh joined CDL Logistics soon after completing his bachelor’s degree in business and operational research from the University of Hertfordshire. Rakesh serves on product committees in Atlanta and helps mentor the next generation of product innovators.