Mitchell Johnson

Director of Operations

DRM, Inc.


Mitchell Johnson, 27, previously the Director of Training & Development is currently the Director of Operations of DRM, Inc., a family owned business that operates 93 Arby’s Restaurants in six states.


Mitchell has been with DRM, Inc. for 7 years.  Mitchell literally grew up in the fast food industry and brought with him the experience, talent, energy and foresight to play an essential role in the continued growth of DRM. Mitchell implemented Par Brink POS system to all 93 restaurants. He implemented DRM’s Talent Reef applicant tracking and onboarding system. He also implemented DRM’s new Cornerstone Learning Hub elearning platform.  Responsibilities include strategic planning in operations, full P & L accountability, leadership development, marketing, finance, development of site selection and acquisitions.

Professional Affiliations

  • Mitchell graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2015.
  • Mitchell previously served on the national Franchise Advisory Board. He currently serves nationally on the Arby’s Operations & Building Council. He is a member of the DRM executive leadership team.
  • Mitchell and his fiancé, Melissa enjoy spending time with their family, golfing and playing tennis together.