Josh Tackett


Buyers Edge Platform

As CTO of Buyers Edge Platform, Josh is responsible for the company’s technological systems and strategy. His focus is developing future technology, maintaining the stability and scalability of the current technology, and integrating technology acquired through acquisitions. As CTO, Josh has also developed supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms that are bringing clarity to the food service industry. Josh began coding at the early age of 14, learning Visual Basic and Java. He went on to study computer science and business at Villanova university where he also completed NLP research centered around fuzzy matching and summarization. While at Villanova, he was hired on as an early engineer at Main Street Genome, a company focused on restaurant analytics and founded by Scott Case (the founding CTO of Priceline.com). Working closely with Scott, Josh furthered his understanding of software development and the food service industry. Josh then joined the Buyers Edge Platform when the company acquired Main Street Genome. Josh has been developing software in the food service industry for more than 7 years.