Chef Bob Gallagher

Chief Culinary Officer

Romacorp, Inc. (Tony Roma’s, Tony Roma’s Bones & Burgers™)

Bob Gallagher has worked over 30 years with various multi-unit chain restaurants in the United States where he was responsible for concept development and food innovation. Bob has previous experience, maintaining key corporate positions leading purchasing, training and international retail product development.  During his time in the restaurant industry, he has opened over 100 new restaurants.   

In August 2006, Bob joined Romacorp, Inc. operating Tony Roma’s restaurants, the world’s largest casual dining concept specializing in ribs in 20 countries.  He is responsible for years of success at Tony Roma’s, creating innovative recipes and utilizing new cooking techniques that are celebrated all over the world.

In December 2022, Romacorp Inc. opened a new fast-casual concept, Tony Roma’s Bones & Burgers® inspired by Tony Roma’s Rib Heritage. The new concept features a chef inspired menu serving barbecue favorites, premium burgers, salads and vegetarian options prepared in a smaller venue with faster execution while still delvering the Tony Romaa’s flavor experience.