Brandon Hoy


Roberta's Pizza

Brandon Hoy is a pioneer of the modern hospitality scene, and one of the innovators behind the “unpretentious artisanal” dining movement. With his culinary roots hailing from California’s Napa Valley, Hoy honed his chops (literally and figuratively) at legendary St. Helena butchery, Ernie’s Meats, among others. In 2000, he moved to New York City and entered the nightlife scene as a bartender, promoter, and DJ, where his alter ego rapper, M.C. Todd made his first appearance. It was during this period that Hoy met a promising young chef named Carlo Mirarchi. In 2008, Hoy,
Mirarchi, and Chris Parachini teamed up to open Roberta’s in a humble cinderblock warehouse in the vibrant, bohemian enclave of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Under Hoy’s leadership, Roberta’s quickly became a neighborhood institution, an international culinary destination, and a beacon of progressive entrepreneurship, and is now a global empire with a variety of full-service and fast-casual concepts worldwide, and a thriving e-commerce shop. In addition to Roberta’s, Hoy is heavily involved in the larger Brooklyn food community, serving on the Board of Directors of Heritage Radio, and a number of urban growing initiatives, including the 40,000 square-foot urban garden, Brooklyn Grange, which he Co-Founded. In 2023, Hoy and Mirarchi opened Foul Witch, a magical new culinary concept in New York City’s East Village.

Hoy resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his wife Natalia, and their two daughters, Charlotte and Olivia. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, making music, and spending time with his family.