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What is CORE?

CORE: Children of Food and Restaurant Employees is a national non-profit dedicated to serving food and beverage operations employees with children to provide financial relief when either the employee or their child faces a health crisis, injury, death, or natural disaster. CORE grants in all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico. Each grant is based on need and the average grant is $2,600. We work with a network of Corporate Partners, Donors, Ambassadors, Sponsors, Media and Strategic Partners, and an industry to provide a valuable support system for food and beverage operations employees when they face a qualifying event.

Why is it important?

Life does not always go as planned and most Americans are not financially prepared for unexpected expenses. In fact, if faced with an emergency expense as small as $400.00, nearly 40% of Americans, food and beverage operations employees among them, would struggle to pay their current month’s bills. Unexpected medical costs and expenses due to a natural disaster are the number one cause of bankruptcy in the US.

Imagine losing your home and everything you own to a fire, learning that your child has leukemia, or facing surgery and wondering how you will provide for your family when out of work. CORE is here to serve industry families who may face an unexpected event that would qualify for a grant.

For more information visit coregives.org/.

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