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Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) is partnering with Leading NOW to deliver a one-day leadership development program for high-potential talent. This program is designed for emerging executives: typically, individuals with more than 10 years in career with responsibility for team leadership, budget control, cross-functional work, strategy development and business planning. Titles could include director, senior director, and vice president of all business functions.

Unique to the industry, this program was created to help the restaurant food service industry diversify its leadership and develop future leaders.

Based on global research from Leading NOW, The Missing 33%™, and the barriers to advancement for underrepresented talent, this program focuses on preparing emerging executives to be confidently placed into succession plans for leadership roles.

Held during RLC, the program focuses on developing business, strategic and financial acumen in order to drive a deep understanding of the restaurant business. This opportunity will also support the development of strategic relationships and exposure for your future leaders to current industry leadership.

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