Tony Lutfi

President / Maritime Management Company

Franchisee, Arby’s, Church’s Chicken, Jack in the Box, Sizzler

Tony Lutfi is a 40 year industry veteran having worked every position moving up the corporate ladder to eventually start his own franchise company in the early 90’s. As the founder of the MARLU Investment Group, he grew the enterprise to 224 franchised businesses in 11 states before selling a part of the businesses to his children and nephew who he continues to mentor.  They desire to grow the organization even further to create more opportunities for the greatest and most important asset, “Our Employees.”  For more than 20 years, his company has been dedicated to a guiding principle of promoting from within.  This allows for a consistent culture of “Respect and Honesty” which will continue to be the main attributes Marlu seeks in its leaders as they continue their expansion.  Currently, Tony Lutfi owns Maritime Management Company providing administrative and accounting services to companies owned and operated by fellow franchisees and family.