Jake Crocker

Chairman and Principal Operating Partner

RCO Limited

Jake Crocker, is an owner/member of Cara Zale, LLC. Cara Zale is a private investment company with a focus on investing in and building sustainable businesses. These businesses must have an underlying purpose of creating social change. Currently, his primary role is Chairman and Principal Operating Partner for RCO Limited, a business of Cara Zale and a franchisee of Raising Cane’s. RCO Limited owns and operates approximately 40 Raising Cane’s restaurants in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Jake also is an owner and board member of a private real estate investment company, a land development company, a nationally chartered bank headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and a whiskey distillery.

Jake has served in an advisory capacity to several non-profit organizations over the years. He is currently an advisor to The Business of Good Foundation and a couple closely held private foundations. In his free time, Jake enjoys spending time with his family, watching any basketball game in the winter, playing occasional golf in the summer and reading the Economist in between. Jake and his wife reside in Ohio with their three young boys.