Brian Slowik

SVP of Wage & Corporate Disbursements


Brian is one of the rapid! PayCard Founders and is currently the Senior Vice President of Wage & Corporate Disbursements with Green Dot Corporation. Brian brings to his role more than 25 years of management, leadership and entrepreneurial

Prior to joining Green Dot, Brian was most recently Vice President of rapid! PayCard. He was responsible for the Business to Business go to market strategy and revenue team
management of the paycard group for UniRush, a multi-line prepaid company.

Prior to joining UniRush, Brian was most recently VP of Prepaid Cards at WEX Inc. As part of WEX’s prepaid revenue leadership team he was and remains active in national
paycard and regulatory advocacy for the payroll and paycard industries. Brian is a regular educational speaker at many National, Regional, Web and Local events.

Prior to joining WEX he was the President and a founder of rapid! Financial Services (rapid! PayCard) from 2004 until it was acquired by Wright Express (WEX) in April of 2011.

Brian was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and served as a board member of Skilled Services Corporation, formerly a St. Petersburg, Florida based US focused
construction staffing company that was acquired by CLP, a division of True Blue in 2007.

Beginning in 1997 until 2008 Brian served congruently to his position with Skilled Services Corporation as Vice President of Sembler Investments and held leadership positions in numerous portfolio companies.

Brian’s early work history originating in 1988 was in the Healthcare Industry where Brian held numerous revenue centric positions of leadership with (AH Robins, Wyeth, Ayerst, Lederle Pharmaceuticals), all now operating as Pfizer in various geographies from Florida to the Northeastern United States.

Brian holds a BS of Journalism from the University Florida in Gainesville, Florida. He is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa and has numerous family members that are retired and/or current
NFL Coaches.