Amit Deshpande

Senior Vice President, Analytics


As senior vice president of Epsilon's Strategy & Insights group, Amit explains his job simply as helping clients grow the customer base and revenue profitably. Not so simple is how he and his team go about achieving it. “We look to gain insight through segmentation, predictive modeling, machine learning, profiling exercises, test and learn approaches, and proper measurement including cross-channel attribution,” he says. With over 20 years of experience and expertise in B2B and B2C analytics, Amit also shares his knowledge through thought-leadership speaking engagements at client and industry events. Prior to Epsilon, Amit directed marketing analytics at FedEx, where he helped move the company to an integrated multi-channel marketing approach.

In his role, Amit guides clients on how best to leverage machine learning (ML) & artificial intelligence (AI) to progress along the analytic maturity path for superior business outcomes. He and his team partner with clients to identify and deliver on quick win opportunities and innovative use cases enabled by ML / AI and provide end-to-end analytic services.