xtraCHEF by Toast

xtraCHEF by Toast


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Restaurant operators work too hard to see subpar returns. That’s why xtraCHEF by Toast is dedicated to helping restaurants maximize profitability.

Through automatic invoice processing, your invoices are accurately coded, categorized, and funneled directly to your accounting software—while simultaneously feeding critical line-item details into xtraCHEF to power food costing, recipe tracking, and inventory management with precise pricing data.

From ingredient price fluctuation alerts to gross margin variances for menu items, we make it easy to control the controllables with your restaurant’s finances.

With xtraCHEF by Toast, spend less time in spreadsheets and more time delighting your customers.

xtraCHEF by Toast New Products

xtraCHEF by Toast starts with AP automation—automatically digitizing, itemizing, and categorizing line-item details from every invoice. Accurate pack/size and unit of measure (UOM) conversions ensure ...