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State of the Plate 2022

The past two years have seen the foodservice industry beset by unprecedented challenges. In addition to Covid-induced shut downs, the emergence of nontraditional competition like virtual brands and the resurgence of supermarkets have created competitive complexity for operators already under stress. At the same time, many diners have become committed couch potatoes, ordering and consuming meals from a wide variety of sources in the confines of their homes.

In order to break through the competitive clutter, operators will need to double down on food and beverage innovation.  A memorable menu experience—the kind that builds traffic, generates buzz and elicits an enthusiastic “wow!”—begins and ends with an appealing, creative menu. This presentation will examine its essential elements, including the foods and flavors, preparation and presentation techniques that restaurateurs and menu marketers across all segments can employ to surprise and delight customers and to make their operation the dining option of choice.


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