Breakout Sessions

Take a deeper dive into the challenges facing the restaurant industry

Monday, April 10

1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Building Relationship ROI

Presented by: MasterCard

Location: Grand Saguaro Ballroom

Showcasing up-to-date consumer research, this session will focus on the return-on-relation investments impacting foodservice. These will include relationships with consumers, front-line staff and suppliers.

This session will focus on the evolution of consumer expectations toward operators, understanding the implication of higher wages and how investments in technology will keep costs at bay while leveraging opportunities to raise the bar with the consumer’s experience and expectations.

Technomic experts will also report on 2016 industry performance, leading growth segments and chains driving results, identifying and discussing current marketplace trends and providing an updated growth forecast for 2017.

Darren Tristano

Chief Insights Officer
Winsight, LLC

Patrick Noone

Executive Vice President

Sarah Quinlan

Senior Vice President, Market Insights

2:15 pm–3:00 pm

Innovation Forums (choose 1 of 9)

Led by the brightest professionals in foodservice, RLC’s innovation forums are packed with hot topics and powerful messages designed to spark new ideas. Connect with the industry’s game changers and gain valuable takeaways from the latest and greatest in foodservice innovation. There’s something for everyone!

More Option 1: Driving a Successful Delivery Business

Presented by: Chowly Inc.

Location: Grand Sonoran H & I

Best practices in setting up a revenue focused off premise program.

Brian J. Duncan

Chowly, Inc.

More Option 2: It’s Your Money; Let’s Make It Count.

Presented by: CPI – Crane Payment Innovations

Location: Grand Sonoran A

Make this the most impactful 45 minutes of your week. See real situations of how a smart safe can increase store sales, reduce labor costs, and enhance operational standards while reducing theft. Through actual in-store video examples, see first-hand how CKE has improved their business operations while ensuring all of their money makes it to the bank.

Mark Greenawalt

Senior Director - Global Retail Safe and Cash Management
Crane Payment Innovations

Donny McKay

Vice President of Smart Safes
American Security Products Company

Anne Sullivan

Vice President of Asset Protection & Risk Management
CKE Restaurants Holdings

More Option 3: Training Culture & Development to Boost the Bottom Line

Presented by: DiscoverLink

Location: Grand Sonoran E

Learn how Cousins Subs lives out its mission statement – “We Believe in Better through the continual improvement in everything we do” – through a servant leadership culture and an aggressive people development plan that encourages all employees to grow professionally and personally. Discover new e-learning strategies that are intentionally used to train culture and development. Training tasks will get the job done, but training culture and development will consistently boost your bottom line.

Jason Valentine

Vice President of Operations
Cousins Subs

Riley Kirchoff

Graphic Designer
Cousins Subs

Megan Wendt

Training Coordinator
Cousins Subs

More Option 4: 5 Ways to Make Money with Mobile

Presented by: Relevant Mobile

Location: Grand Sonoran F

Wondering how to turn your Mobile App into profit? Come listen to our panelists share their perspectives from different angles of the C-suite on how to make the most out of your Mobile App.

Gerrine Pan

Relevant Mobile

Doug Reifschneider

25+ Year Industry Veteran

Jennifer Schuler

Chief Marketing Officer
Wetzel's Pretzels

Jerry Shen

Director of Digital Marketing
Blaze Pizza

Moderator: Doug Reifschneider, 25+ Year Industry Veteran
More Option 5: Improve Labor Costs and Grow Profit in Your Kitchen

Presented by: Restaurant Technologies

Location: Grand Sonoran B

Tricks of the Trade from an Operator Panel

Labor costs are exploding due to regulations, wage spikes and market pressure. Combine that with labor shortage issues and high turnover, and restaurants are entering a stressful time for managing operational costs. Safety is the most overlooked area for improvement: medical costs, lost hours and potential OSHA fines. Restaurant Technologies with DavCo Restaurants and former head of safety for Yum! and Bloomin’ Brands take a look at insights and practical steps to drive down costs, improve employee morale, retention and profits.

Rick Borchers

President & COO
Davco Restaurants

David Eha

Director National Accounts
Restaurant Technologies

Mike Keeler

Former Head of Safety
Yum! Brands and Bloomin' Brands

David Norman

Davco Restaurants

Moderator: David Eha, Director National Accounts, Restaurant Technologies
More Option 6: Man vs. Machine: Don’t Get Left Behind

Presented by: SiteZeus

Location: Grand Sonoran C

Machine Intelligence is well on its way to taking over the work of mundane daily tasks that we dread doing ourselves, whether it be filtering mail for spam in your Gmail account, identifying sales opportunities in Salesforce, searching for gifts or favorite songs on Amazon or Spotify, or driving your car for heaven’s sake.

There is no doubt the majority of our lives and tasks will be 95% automated in the next 15 years by AI. However, there are elements that are still not quantifiable due to lack of measurable data or unpredictability.

One of those key areas that lacks AI matching the level of the consumer world is commercial real estate and how it is selected for a given use and tenant; whether that be for a retailer, healthcare provider, restaurant, bank or even gas station.

In this session we will discuss how new technology and data accessibility is being paired with the “Art” to make smarter, more efficient decisions.

Keenan Baldwin

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Tyler Carlson

VP of Sales

Kevin Foreman

GM for GeoAnalytics

Steven Roberts

Founder & President
AccSys, Inc.

Moderator: Keenan Baldwin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, SiteZeus
More Option 7: How to Stop Settling for Audits That Suck

Presented by: Steritech

Location: Grand Sonoran D

Growing brands and mediocrity don’t mix. So why do so many organizations accept it with their audit programs? They’re intimidating, stressful, and poorly suited to helping locations improve. The traditional audit is a waste of your time and money.

But you don’t have to settle for the status quo. Discover how to run an audit that generates ROI with insight from an industry leader in program design. We’ll show you the red flags that plague mediocre programs, the hallmarks of successful ones, and how the right approach can result in triple the growth rate for same store sales.

Doug Sutton


More Option 8: Big Brands Aren’t Dead, But Mediocre Performance Is

Presented by: TDn2K, parent company of People Report, Black Box Intelligence and White Box Social Intelligence

Location: Grand Sonoran G

In today’s competitive environment, many operators are left asking “is it me or the market?” and “what does best in class performance actually look like today?” In this interactive session, we will walk through what is working and what is not when it comes to successful restaurant operations performance. What is the performance of the best versus the rest? We will address sales, traffic, workforce and social indicators that are proving to correlate with winning results in the marketplace.

Wally Doolin

Former CEO | Chairman & Founder
TGI Fridays™, la Madeleine and Buca di Beppo | TDn2K

Melissa Doolin-Koehne

Executive Director of Business Development

Paul Hineman

Chief Financial Officer
First Watch

Moderator: Melissa Doolin-Koehne, Executive Director of Business Development, TDn2K
More Option 9: Technology Trends That Elevate Your Restaurant Design and Overall Brand Experience

Presented by: Visual Graphic Systems Inc

Location: Grand Sonoran J & K

As expert storytellers we not only focus on décor, but also a customer’s journey through both your interior and exterior spaces, considering all elements that create mood and “theater.” Enhance this journey with the integration of technology, creating a truly sensory experience – including ambient lighting, interactive Virtual Brand Ambassadors, mobile order pickup lockers, and “living” social walls. Informative and invaluable for Fast Casual, Quick Service and Casual Dining restaurants alike.

The first 50 people to arrive for this session will receive an exclusive Virtual Reality giveaway!

Patrick Benasillo

President | Executive Vice President
Studio D Creative | Visual Graphic Systems, Inc.